Our children’s Birthday pottery kits, are a great opportunity for children of all ages to create something unique. Optimum group sizes are 6-20 (dependent on age). We deliver your party box to your door with full instruction on how to paint your pieces !

We have three Birthday packages to choose from, details are shown below. Each package includes your Kit Hire and Pottery. You can book your event by phone, by email (see Contact Us).

Important: When booking your party you will be required to pay for your Kit and Pottery to secure your booking. This is a non-refundable and non-transferable cost and will not change if your numbers decrease.

Package 1

This £14 per person package covers our figurines including mermaids, princesses, knights and party animals !

Package 2

This £15 per person package covers our range of bowls, mugs and plates. The perfect option for children wanting to add their own personal touch to their pottery !

Package 3

This £16 per person package covers our large range of money banks and a variety of lanterns / votives !